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Cover of Spectacle Issue No. 1

Issue No. 1

Winter 2018 · Ships February

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About the Magazine

Here’s the deal. Spectacle is the bridge between the worlds you love and the life you live. It’s for people with imaginations so vast, entire universes can fit inside them.

We did our best to do this right. Great writers paired with great illustrators and packaged in a product worth collecting. This isn’t just literature. It's a lifestyle.

Issue number one is filled with some amazing surprises and we’d be thrilled to have you join us for the ride.

—Kevin Hale & Danny Dumas

Table of Contents
Sam Altman Interview
Genre Gear
Tiny Sci-Fi
Pulp Fiction
Winter Cosplay
Winter Cosplay2
Lincoln in the Bardo Infographic
Predictive Text
Annotated Classic
Birth of the Ants Movement

From Issue No. 1


January 31, 2018

A disembodied AI attempts to decipher human emotion in this haunting, beautiful short story by Craig DeLancey and illustrations by Maggie Appleton.

The Great American Share

December 13, 2017

Sam Altman wants to shift the U.S. economy to universal basic income. There's one problem. Giving away free money is more complicated than anyone thought.

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